Begin Again



This is a six color reduction and multiple block linoleum print. A woman weaves and transforms a material from a deep red into an earthy green knit. In the back ground is a crumbling city. This print is about rebuilding and beginning again when things fall apart. Right now the education system, the financial system, and pretty much every system in the US is in dire shape and many young people aren’t getting the knowledge, attention, resources, and opportunities they need to grow. This print is about starting over, beginning again. We spend more money on the military than we do on our schools.  Plus, for the amount our country spends on housing prisoners, we could be sending everyone to private school instead.  When I was making this print I was inspired by a Durruti quote about holding a new world in our hearts.  This print is 12″ x 12″. It is available on the Justseeds website  You can purchase it here.