Tierra y Libertad

This is a four color reduction linoleum block print.  Tierra y Libertad is Spanish meaning Land and Liberty.    The fight for land is also a fight for self determination.  In a society where land is not a communal resource, those who own land control those without.  In this print, I wanted to highlight a woman marching through the city feeling free and at peace.  Through the use of her marching I wanted to play with the idea that all land should belong to all people, so liberty and land should be about more than just private ownership over a parcel of land. The phrase Land and Liberty has been used by anarchists in several movements.  It was originally used in the 1870’s in Russia (the Russian phrase is Земля и воля).  In Russia, this group was a clandestine revolutionary movement which worked to spread socialist ideals within rural areas.  Their idea was for communities to have equal distribution of land and be self governing through communalism.  Later it was use by leaders in the Mexican Revolution.  In Mexico land had been taken from the native population through dubious means and peasants were at the mercy of landowners for their subsistence.   The slogan was also used during the Spanish Civil War.  The edition of this image is out of print.