Turning Together

09Turning Together_1500

This is a 7 color reduction cut linoleum block print with woodblock and spray paint stencil. It is in an edition of 27 prints. It has very thick ink layers, so it feels like a painting. Thick thick texture. Available for purchase at this link.

Two cats, one wearing an apron and a smaller cat work together to turn the wheel of a ceramic slab roller. The kitties are creating clay tiles together, and they are working together to create flat clay slabs with the help of this machine. This image depicts our child Fox, and our friend Zora, who were working together in this way and allowed me to photograph them and then make a print of their lovely collaboration.

The wall next to the cats has a squiggley design which was drawn by our 5 year old.

This is a part of a print series called Cooperation Cats. Created in 2021.