Together Through The Mist

This print is inspired by a photograph of our child hiking with three friends in the woods. Throughout this winter, we have met up once a week with a couple of friends to hike in the woods. The kids have become extremely agile running through the forest, creating narratives throughout their walk. It feels like the most “free” that we have been able to be during this pandemic; we can go wherever we want, on and off the paths, up the rocks, over fallen tree branches. I also fee free watching the kids be able to run without fear of cars, unrestricted by buildings and walls, in the middle of this beautiful landscape. Available for purchase at this link.

Four multi-colored striped and masked cats climb rocks in the middle of a misty forest. The cats are red, orange, purple, and black stripes, wearing different colored masks. They are all climbing a series of rocks. In the background is a blue sky printed from wood grain texture. There is a layer of purple trees behind the cats. The rocks are curved, dominating the frame. Mist creeps in from the background and foreground; these cats breath in the fresh air of the morning. The cats crawl across the image, following each other on a mission to the top of the rock formation. This print has a first layer of blue woodblock grain, to give the sky a blue and white texture. There are then 5 layers of  reduction linoleum block printing with one layer being a rainbow roll of two colors, and the mist is created by using a spray paint stencil of grey and silver inks. Signed, edition of 30. 9 colors. It’s a very large print, 2 feet by 3 feet in size.

This is a part of a print series called Cooperation Cats. Created in 2021.