Education is a Right

This is a three color reduction linoleum block print.  24″ x 40″.  This print was made possible in part from a Puffin Foundation Grant.  The original edition is sold out, but there is a one color edition available for purchase here.  This print was part of a series which includes other prints about access to healthcare, housing, and healthy foods.  The text in the print are some thoughts on improving the education system. Printed on a thin, beautiful, hand made rice paper. The print reads, “Fight for a just education system.”  The balloons are printed with several key values that I wanted to highlight as necessary for improving our schools including: “multi-lingual teaching, teaching methods that value all cultures, celebrating leadership and history of people of color, racial equality in schools; quality of facilites; and hiring of teachers, and oral story telling traditions appreciated.” I wanted to make a print that addressed the systemic, institutionalized racism that exists in the American school systems, and present a print that celebrated a better value system for improving the quality of education that we should be giving to every single child in our society.