Through the Looking Glass Ceiling

 “Through The Looking Glass Ceiling” explores the trope of the “Manic Pixie Dream Girl.” This film character is typically white, quirky, traditionally feminine, and serves to assist a male character (also typically white) in his quest to discover happiness and success. Much like Alice in Wonderland, she looks at the world with whimsy and naiveté. A glass ceiling hovers darkly above her as she never achieves her own enlightenment or success. This ceiling also prevents her from being the main protagonist and relegates her to being a supporting role. Instead she is presented as a simplistic character solely needing validation through her relationship with the male character. Her trajectory is mitigated by the male protagonist’s desire and journey.

Created in January of 2014. Collage #315. Collage of linoleum block prints, woodblock prints, spray paint, and handwritten history notes from my 103 year old cousin Fannie Simonowsky.. 22.5” x 30.”