Collage (untitled)

This is an early collage where I was transitioning away from found material and moving into cutting up prints for collage. This collage combines printed elements with pages from a book.  Created during 2004/2005.   Collages I made at this time were playing around with the idea of creating through the use of pairing deconstruction of pre-existing images with the creation of new images.  The process was meant to reflect the idea of creating an alternate world through the use of recycling existing  ideas that work and pairing them with new pathways.  I was reading a book called “The Struggle Towards Utopia” which discusses the artwork of Russian avant garde artists Alexander Rodchenko, El Lissitzky, and László Moholy-Nagy post World War I.   The writing focuses on the relationship between art and social change, and these artists’  social ideals and the political realities that emerged after the Russian Revolution.