A Never Ending Game of Musical Bears


This is a print collage utilizing linoleum block and spray paint stenciled prints.  Two bears sit on the outskirts of a city, appearing to be without a home and sitting with their only possession- a potted plant.  The clocks on their faces reference the passage of time which seems to be winding infinitely along a circular axis of forever and yet taking place at no time in particular.  Time is static though their predicament is very present.  This print was made after a round of many housing evictions when many of my friends and myself were passing through several unstable housing situations, partly due to the housing market becoming more and more inflated.  I wanted to reference the idea of musical chairs, where once the song starts, all of us have to get up and move, and when the music stops, there is one less chair, or one less house upon which for us to sit. 2004/2005.