A Woman’s Place

“A Woman’s Place” is a double entendre. It references the old adage “a woman’s place is in the home.” It also refers to the need for a woman (and everyone) to have a place of her/their own where one can be free of judgment. Many feminists have created various types of gathering spaces, often termed “safe” (or safer) spaces, where women, queer, and/or transgender people can find community and a physical space where we can be ourselves without being subjected to a heterosexual male gaze. This piece is about trying to find a space where we can navigate our inner desires that may at times conflict and/or align with society expectations of our behavior.

Created in January of 2014. Collage #313. Collage of linoleum block prints, woodblock prints, spray paint, coffee and ink staining, and handwritten history notes from my 103 year old cousin Fannie Simonowsky. 22.5” x 30.”