This is a portrait of my friend Hilary. She’s an incredibly talented guitarist and for a decade was the Executive Director of Girls Rock! RI. Currently Hilary has a podcast called Mid-Riff Podcast. Her website is here. She is pictured here shredding with the values of the organization flowing in arrows out of the speaker.Continue reading “Hilary”


This is a portrait of my printmaker friend Ian. He is pictured here mixing inks for a screen-print. His eye for color is impeccable. His website is here. This is a linoleum block carving printed on mulberry paper. It’s part of a portrait series of Rhode Island people who are inspiring to me called “CraftContinue reading “Ian”


This is a 5 color print using a reduction linoleum block and spray paint stencil. The action of communing is to be in a state receptivity and heightened intimacy often with nature. A commune is also a small community of people who share common interests and work and live collectively. Linoleum block and spray paint.Continue reading “Commune”