Universal Declaration of Human Rights

I saw Loretta Ross speak at Brown University earlier this year and she spoke about how the organization SisterSong works on reproductive justice within the context of the human rights framework. She described the 8 categories of human rights that have developed and expanded since the creation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (written in 1948 postContinue reading “Universal Declaration of Human Rights”

Craft In Time

Artist Statement for portrait series in progress; first group of portraits created in 2014: Craft in Time: A Celebration of Essential Labor A group art show highlighting work in a variety of creative mediums. , Artists: Jenine Bressner, Priscilla Carrion, Ian Cozzens, Suzy Gonzalez, Corey Grayhorse, Hilary Jones, Cheryl Kaminsky, Yvette Koch, Jaime Lowe, Reba Mitchell, Sakiko Mori, Kartina Richardson, Shey Rivera,Continue reading “Craft In Time”