13 Point Program to Regrow America

13 Point Program to Regrow America!

-Peter Glantz and Meredith Stern

As the garlic scapes sprout forth wipe your forehead with the euphoric richness of the earthy dream, and the earliness of the day innoculates your seeds with the promise of life away from empire, summon forth your new seedlings of resistance, wipe the sleepies from your weepies and compost this ground, The Nation Of Gardeners, to the space of taste in your yard, kitchen window box, porch, or rooftop. It will guide you to embrace your repressed instincts which will harmonize you with the circular world, and we will be in the front lines of peace and radical social change when we banish the bureaucrats and sing, “Plant, which is the greatest dream, as it gives you life, as it restores your wisdom.” Plant is a drug, a life like state, which creatures burrow themselves into like a tunnel, and it is to us an exquisite condition which must be attained.

Tips For Appreciating Plant’s Life-Like Grip:
1. The Instinct: Turn Your Soil. While the birds chirp, bound to their feeding ritual, we shall turn.
2. The Feed: Compost Your Ground. The decaying Feces of Horses and Camels flavor the land.
3. The Mission: Plant Your Seed. “Gardeners, Gardeners, Little Vegetables, Beloved By All.”
4. The Perennials: Water Your Garden. The vegetables once drab and thirsty in the grocery store, now dress in their fresh watery garb and leap excitedly into your mouth.
5. The Party: Harvest The Yield. The Taste of New America, The Nation of Gardeners. Plants will revive your love and energize your mind for the eternal waking state, anonymous as it is with the Gardeners State.

Discover that the Flavor is Real. Discover, discover, discover, within us all the Nation of Gardeners must climb the fence, cut the locks, and reclaim the vacant land!

1.Plants Love Music. You Love Music. Plants and You make Spectra-Sonic Sounds Together.
2.Look Out! The Earth is Back! Fresh Food Straight From the Source! No Middle Man!
3.Today I Met The Vegetable I am Going to Eat. It Has the Most Superior Flavor. Eat it Now.
4.U Seed them U Weed them U Need them U Heed them.
5.Cool Spring Time (Grow Strong). Fresh Air, Excersize, Sunny Skies.
6.Kid Who Gardens With Another Kid a Happy Kid. Friendship in Numbers. Community!
7.Euphoria. The Unexplainable Sensation of Pure Happiness.
8.Green Kid. No Blood For Oil, No Wasted Resources. Reclaim the Air. Breathe Oxygen.
9.Hot Pepper City. Put Real Spice in Your Life. Heat Up! Hot HOt HOT!
10.Plant Power. Plants Can Read Your Mind. It Was Proven on Mythbusters.
11.Your My Miss Evergreen. Eat For Months! Blanched Kale Lasts Months in the Freezer.
12.Target: Earth. Global Gardening instead of Prepackaged Poison.
13.Love is Fertilizer. Fertilizer is Love. Recycle the Poooooo For Foooood.

Special thanks to the Nation Of Ulysses and their original 13 Point Program.