Poster 15 July 2008

In 2008 I curated a group show around the theme of Sustainability.  It was a show involving some members of Justseeds with an open call to any RI artists that wanted to participate.  This was a three color reduction linoleum block with one layer of woodblock print.  It was the poster I made seeking entries.

Poster 30 June 2007

In 2007, Peter and I had the idea to have a series of parties called “Port-o-party”.  This was the second party where we set out on bicycles with a portable sound system in tow attached to a bike cart, and we stopped at several locations around the city to pick up additional costumed friends.  The bike ride grew in size at each location as more and more people joined the fun.  The bike ride ended at a space where we had several DJ’s spin dance music.  It also happened to be a full moon.

Birds Of Prey

A flock of birds fly over downtown Providence. 24″ x 24″.  I made this print in the midst of a wave of new condo developments that began in town. Struever Brothers, this huge development company that redeveloped the Baltimore waterfront, received huge tax breaks from the city (and are now in bankruptcy). Meanwhile, low income people have been getting pushed out of what used to be affordable housing in the city. This image was my reaction to feeling surrounded by a real estate bubble with no buildings left for us!  This original print edition is out of print, but a new edition is available on the Justseeds website.

You can buy this print here.

Poster 26 May 2007

Dan Schleifer asked me to make a poster for a show at Building 16.  I asked him what he wanted on the flyer, and he said, “how about a cat wrestling a robot”. I thought it might be even more evocative if there was a secret bystander watching the fight evolve from behind a curtain.  And thus, this print was created.  There are two layers of spray paint and one layer of linoleum block ink.

Poster 13 April 2007

This is a three color reduction cut linoleum block print.  It was a poster I made advertising the first costumed “Port-O-Party” that Peter and I put together.  Our friend Arley drove an old school bus around the city. We drove to several friend’s houses with a small crew of people and lured additional people into the roaming party with a transportable boom box.  The party ended at a space where we had several DJ’s spin dance music till the wee hours of the morning.  2007.


This is a once color linoleum block print. Inspired by my friend Andalusia.  It’s an homage to women who work hard to learn work skills outside of the prescribed norm.  This print is about the struggle for overcoming the fear and frustrations of feeling like a failure when learning a new skill.  It is inspired especially by the grease femmes, past and present, who have inspired me with their strength in unraveling gender inequality.  Always, I need to learn patience, and perhaps others can identify with that on occasion.  We will eventually hit the nail on the head! 20″ x 39″.  Print available for sale here.